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demonstrating extensive experience

ISTQB certified Software Quality Assurance engineer with 6 years testing experience that has been proven in numerous projects, demonstrating extensive experience in manual testing and skilled in using test tools, and defect management system ,Excellent knowledge and working experience with test planning, test execution and test results analysis, and proficient in functional, negative, system testing;also with one year team leader related experience.
Skills and StrengthsFamiliar with the full software testing process,can use the defect management system CQ. QC,Mantis,and can use the QTP,also the database Oracel MSSQL server. Proven Product Programming/ Management Experience to drive successful products to market and into volume production.
? Proven business development on MDTV & Smart TV/STB field, to formulate successful business strategies, define product feature sets,Wedding Cakes Galore and meet customer schedules.? Proven leadership to drive cross-function teams to reach the goals on schedule.Top Style Details From Real Wedding
? Good awareness of the Smart TV & MDTV technology trend and standards, especially China triple-play ecosystem.
? Strong technical background on HW&SW, Good awareness of Embedded OS and application. Good awareness of chip design and turnkey solution.Educated at Xi'an Jiaotong University for Undergraduate study, and at University of Sheffield for both Master and PhD degree. After that, about one year Post-doc researcher experience in University of Sheffield and 3 months work experience as china product manager at Microtimes Ltd in London. A French Modern WeddingCurrently working as a Post-doc at Atilim University in Turkey. Skilled software, Matlab, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Autocad and LatexDetail-oriented project manager, communicate daily with colleagues, customers and friends in Chinese. Developed an excellent ability to write marketing plans since working for the University of Denver and at the same time completing an International MBA. Using the skills learned in this business school as well as case-studyAmazing Wedding Color Details environment has helped me help businesses thrive in highly complicated and competitive environments.
Skills and Strengths
International MBA from the University of Denver. Advanced-level Chinese. Comprehensive software abilities: Microsoft Project 2010, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft xcel, Microsoft Powerpoint. Job-specific skills: Accounting, Finance, Operations, Project Management, Marketing and Sales.

I know well about 6 Sigma

I have almost 10 years of working experience, and ever been a Manufacturing Engineer, and a Lean project Engineer.
So I know well about the PCBA manufacturing process, such as SMT ,wave soldering ,etc.And also know well about the knowledge and tools of Lean, especially good at Lean Manufacturing. I know well about 6 Sigma, I am a certified Green Belt by Emerson.I'm good at English and communicating.Skills and StrengthsI have been an manufacturing engineer in electronic company , so I know well about PCBA manufacturing process Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding , and related process improvement skills . And I have also been a Lean project engineer , so I know well about Lean tools like VSM, Kanban, OEE, TPM etc. And IE skills for line balance, productivity improvement etc. Experiences with development in Unix C/C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, Shell;
Experiences with development in MYSQL, Oracle;
Experiences with Agile development;
Knowledge of TCP/IP, SNMP, SIP, IMS, FIX protocol;A comprehensively qualified postgraduate of legal science. Plan a Wedding Ceremony Being dynamic, innovative and with a high sense of responsibility to any task and always persuing better and best. Eager to learn and progress and able to work under pressure. 5 months European internship experience has verified my capacity of working well with multi-cultural and diverse work force. Takes on Wedding CakesMy pleasant personality and good communication skills usually contribute to the team work, esp. when challenges are encountered. I am a cheerful, steadily, responsible and vigor student,Decorating Your Reception Table treats people warmly, work hard, can bear hardships and stand hard work. I have the stronger organization ability and the association cooperation spirit, can adapt each kind of environment rapidly.

solidification theory & process

Extensive expertise: With solid knowledge in metallurgical and materials engineering, including crystal growth, photovoltaic materials, solidification theory & process, laser material processing, new material/alloy development, metal casting, semi-solid metal processing, etc; strong expertises in mechanical design and new technology development. Has published a larger number of most-cited scientific papers in well-known, peer-reviewed research journals, such as one paper in Chinese Journal ofSkills and Strengths
With solid knowledge in metallurgical and materials engineering, including crystal growth, photovoltaic materials, solidification theory & process, laser material processing, new material/alloy development, metal casting, semi-solid metal processing, etc; strong expertises in mechanical design and new technology development. Has published a larger number of most-cited scientific papers in well-known , peer-reviewed research journals, Modern Ocean Motif such as one paper in Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals was cited 80+ times,Five Great Wedding Themes two papers in the top academic journal Acta Materialia were cited by 60+ times in total; R&D efforts have led to quite a few awards and 4 invention patents in US, China and EU. As a project manager or a key investigator, completed numerous research projects funded by industry and government agencies Now plays an active role in the global photovoltaic research community – both academic and industrial. 1 . Highly-motivated and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality. Hardworking, strong interpersonal communication skills, http://www.daemonforums.orgteam spirit; detail perfection pursuer.
2. One year work experience in a foreign information service company. Good command of reading, speaking, writing English. Perfect Wedding Table Center
3. Keep track of domestic and overseas' famous websites on finance. The IPOs' information in mainland, M&A deals Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas , PE/VC entry and exit information.
5. Good command of financial database: EMIS

Thursday, July 22, 2010

team facilitation

Self-evaluation:I have had about one and half years’ experience in construction translation and On-site management, which I charged for construction profiles’ gathering, editing, translating, storage, receiving-sending of the construction drawings and the check of Completion Drawings. And I participated the editing chi flat ironof biding and responded for construction budget according to structure drawings,cheap wedding gowns construction operation drawings and calculating rules. hair straightenersI am familiar with the whole process of on-site As SAP BI Senior Consultant, I have more than three years consulting and development experience.I know the SAP implementation methodology very well and I am good at efficient communication with customers. I am happy to accept new challenges and new things to have a keen insight into the judgment; Creative thinking, cheerful personality, good communication skills with people from different backgrounds; full of energy, high enthusiasm for the work and responsibility; open to suggestions; quickly fit into the new environment, can assist in charge of completing the task and work comfortably individually or as a team, excellently. Fast learner, good problem analysis and be able to work under pressure.
Career Objective:
I want to apply this position where my strategic and consultative selling, cross-cultural relationship building, team facilitation, business management, organizational insight, and advanced technical skills will be continually prom dresses I aspire to senior management responsibility chi hair straightenerand seek a company that embraces growth and change, where compensation is performance-based and increased levels of responsibility offered those with demonstrated potential.Beauty is Meaningless
a world in a grain of sand
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I am quite experienced and professional competitor for challenging job.
Qualified in many fieldsnike trainer
such as project management, international business management, marketing, communication, negotiation, supply chain management, purchase management, production management, quality management and also very good understanding of finance, accounting.
Career Objective:nike shox
My international experience offers me great confidence to achieve good performance.I am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat with my friends, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is travelling, reading,listening to music... 1.Strong ability of study and understanding, innovative and creative
2.Work hard and carefully, have patience and responsibility.
3.Excellent interpersonal skillsnike shoes, good teamwork skillscheap authentic nfl jerseys
4.Open minded ,Strong problem analysis and solving abilities
Fourcheap nike shoes years of job experience in different positions have offered me opportunities to understand different job aspects.touches your heart
Make youself a better person
Whatever happens,happens for a reason

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hundreds of onlookers, many of them I am slow walker but I never walk backwardbooing, crowded the gates of Downing Street to watch on, as Cameron swept into his new home in a silver limousine less than 90 minutes after an emotional Brown had made a farewell address."Nick Clegg and I are both politicalI believe in myself leaders who want to put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and for the national interest," Cameron said.
President Barack Obama telephoned tonever say never congratulate Cameron, and invited him to visit Washington this summer, according to the White House. Obama told Cameron that he looked forward to meeting at andreams will keep me young
international economic summit to be held in Canada next month.
The high political drama came as thenever grow old
Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties hammered out details of a coalition deal after the country's inconclusive election. Standing outside 10 Downing St. alongside his wife Sarah, Brown spoke in strained tones as he wished Cameron well.
"Only those who have held the office of prime minister can understand the full weight of its responsibilities and its great capacity for good."
After his brief statement, the 59-year-old Brown walked hand-in-hand with his wife and young sons John and Fraser down Downing Street, where a car waited to take him to the palace for a 15-minute meeting. Minutes later he arrived at Labour Party headquarters, where he was greeted warmly by cheering staffers. Brown told party workers his deputy Harriet Harman would become interim Labour leader until a formal leadership takes place to select his permanent successor. Despite opening their own formal talks with Clegg's party Tuesday, Labour — which lost 91 seats and finished behind Cameron's Conservative in the election_ saw the chances of a deal quickly vanish.
Senior Labour legislators said they feared such a pact — dubbed a "coalition of the defeated" by some — would lack legitimacy and anger the public, who'd wreak revenge on the party at a future election. "I think we have got to respect the result of the general election and you cannot get away from the fact that Labour didn't win," Labour's Health Secretary Andy Burnham told the BBC.
Clegg's party said in a statement Brown's Labour Party "see opposition as a more attractive alternative to the challenges of creating a progressive, reforming government." Brown's resignation ends five days of uncertainty after last week's general election left the country with no clear winner. It left Britain with its first so-called hung Parliament since 1974. Britain's Conservatives won the most seats but fell short of a majority, forcing them to bid against the Labour Party for the loyalty of the Lib Dems. Conservative and Liberal Democrat teams met for several hours Tuesday. Rank-and-file members of the two parties held separate talks in London late into the ight and both approved the coalition deal.
Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown said the coalition had agreed on a policy platform all members of his party would be proud of. But he said he regretted that Labour had failed to strike a deal with his party. "The Labour Party had an opportunity to create a progressive coalition and they walked away from it," Ashdown said. "That was an act in my view of straight cowardice." Brown's departure follows three successive election victories for his center-left Labour Party, all of which were won by his predecessor Tony Blair, who ousted the Conservatives in 1997.

Britain's David Cameron becomes PM; Brown out

LONDON – David Cameron, the youthful leader who modernized the party of right-wing icon Margaret Thatcher, became prime minister Thto one person you may be the worldursday after the resignation of Gordon Brown — capping a gripping election saga that returns the Tories to government after 13 years of Labour Party rule.According to tradition, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Cameron at Buckingham Palace here is just some code
— the stately denouement to a behind-the-scenes dogfight between Cameron and Brown for the cooperation of Britain's third-place party, after an election that left no party with a majority. Within minutes, Cameron was installed at No. Don't cry, smile10 Downing Street and an announcement followed that Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, would become deputy prime minister after days of hard bargaining you are my sunshinewith his former political rivals.
The 43-year-old Cameron becomes Britain's youngest prime minister in almost 200 years — the last was Lord Liverpool at 42 — and cementedAnd forever has no end a coalition deal with the third-place Liberal Democrats. Clegg and four other Liberal Democrats received Cabinet posts. A number of other Liberal Democrats would receive junior posts.The agreement, reached over five sometimes tense days of negotiation, delivered Britain's first full coalition government since World War Cameron and Clegg agreed to a pact after the Conservative Party won the most seats in Britain's May 6 national election, but fell short of winning a majority of seats in Parliament.
Cameron's Conservative Party said ex-leader William Hague will serve as Foreign Secretary, senior lawmaker George Osborne as Treasury chief, and lawmaker Liam Fox as defense secretary.Other leading positions were being finalized, as were key policy decision ahead of the presentation of the coalition's first legislative program on May 25.The coalition has already agreed on a five-year, fixed term Parliament — the first time Britain has had the date of its next election decided in advance. Both sides have made compromise, and Cameron has promised Clegg a referendum on his key issue: Reform of Britain's electoral system aimed at creating a more proportional system."We are going to form a new government — more importantly, we are going to form a new kind of government," Clegg said in a news conference afterhis party's lawmakers overwhelmingly approved his decision to enter a coalition with Cameron.Arriving at London's Downing Street hand-in-hand with his wife Samantha, Cameron said he believed that Britain's "best days lie ahead."Britain's new government could spell changing relationships with its foreign allies.
Both Cameron and Clegg have signaled they favor looser ties to Washington. Both men back the Afghanistan mission but Cameron hopes to withdraw British troops within five years. Clegg has said he's uneasy at a rising death toll.Relations with European neighbors could also become problematic. Cameron's party is deeply skeptical over cooperation in Europe, and has withdrawn from an alliance with the parties of Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicolas Sarkozy. Clegg, once a member of the European parliament, has long been pro-European.
"We have some deep and pressing problems — a huge deficit, deep social problems, a political system in need of reform," Cameron said, as he took office. "For those reasons, I aim to form a proper and full coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats."